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Home Maintenance Canberra Floating Floors

Floating Floors

Looking for the best yet cheapest flooring solution for your homes and offices? Get in touch with our flooring experts at Capital Home Maintenance – Floating Floors Canberra.

Floating floors are the most flexible type of flooring as they can be installed almost everywhere. They can float freely on any level subfloor, including areas of high humidity or vinyl and ceramic floorings. They are made of multiple layers of laminate, bamboo or timber constructed into long boards. Some boards have tongue and groove edges that fit together and can be locked in place.

Floating Floors Canberra

Some of them should be joined together using special PVA adhesive. However, no nails, screws or other tools are required which makes installation of this type of floors much easier, less complicated, hence, much more cost-effective. Moreover, it does not damage the original subfloor in any way. At Capital Home Maintenance, we gathered a team of exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals who work to provide top quality floating floor installation in Canberra for both commercial and residential properties.

Please note that we offer installation only. We do not supply or sell any flooring products. However, we ensure that we keep ourselves updated with the best suppliers, so you can completely rely on our free, dependable, friendly, expert advice.

Our team of experts is committed to offer to our growing list of distinguished clients the most reliable services at the most competitive prices in Canberra. We understand how important efficiency and promptness are for your complete satisfaction. Therefore we constantly strive to provide highest level of perfection and quality, leaving your properties clean and tidy after each job completion.

We make sure that quality is integrated in every aspect of every installation we do. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to select the floor of your dreams.

For more information or to discuss your requirments and get a free quotation, call us on 61 455 202 909! We will provide you with a detailed specification of our services with no hidden fees. Our team of experts is waiting for you!

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