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Home Maintenance Canberra Sign Removal

Sign Removal

Are you moving your business to a new building and need to take your signage with you? Or a new building has some other name on it? Count on our reliable, safe and professional service at Capital Home Maintenance – Sign Removal Canberra.

Our team at Capital Home Maintenance provides sign removal services for all commercial properties in Canberra, employing the right equipment and tools. No matter if it is a building, electrical, architectural or lobby sign, they can handle it, ensuring that the removal process is organised, safe and efficient.

Sign Removal Canberra

Our technicians will meticulously and professionally take care of each aspect of the delicate process, including: closing off all power sources, removing all brackets used for supporting the sign, protecting the sign from potential scratches and blemishes and packing it for proper transportation. In case of any structural damage to the building, count on our expert repair. And, as part of our service, we are committed to recycling old signs when needed.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding service, effective management of each project and the most competitive prices. To ensure our clients’ 100% safety, we comply with all the licensing and regulation code requirements considering electrical work.

For the smartest way to have your sign removed, trust Capital Home Maintenance! Call us on 61 455 202 909 today! We will help you get your sign removed promptly and affordably.

Get it done properly and get your money back from your landlord for your deposit!

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