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Tree Removal

Do you have a damaged tree beyond repair in your garden and need it to be removed? Let our professionals at Capital Home Maintenance – Tree Removal Canberra take care of it.

Although removing a tree can look simple, it is definitely a job which you should leave to experts. Cutting down an overgrown or storm damaged tree can be a difficult task especially if the tree is close to your house, power lines or other important structures in your yards. By doing it yourself, you can risk both your health and property.

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For this reason, for the best quality tree removal services, make sure you get in touch with us, at Capital Home Maintenance. We have over 30 years of experience and gather only fully trained and qualified specialists who use the right equipment and the latest technologies to be able to conduct the highest quality removals of single and multiple trees safely and quickly. To suit all your needs, we also perform stump grinding and the final clean up after the job completion.

Depending on the size of your project (for instance, removal of a single tree in an open area comparing or removal of multiple trees close to power lines), our prices may vary. However, we pride ourselves on our determination to offer all our services at the most competitive prices in Canberra, our excellent customer service and attention to detail.

At Capital Home Maintenance, no tree is too small or too large for us!

Get in touch with us to check what we can offer you. Call us today on 61 455 202 909.

Our friendly and experienced technicians will provide you with an upfront, free, no obligation estimate for any tree query you may have.

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